Covid-19 Distillery Tour Guide

The Surrey Copper Distillery is open for private and public tour and Gin School experiences. The following guide is intended to promote a safe environment for guests and our staff during the current Covid-19 situation.

Before the tour

Guests with any of the known Covid-19 symptoms including a high temperature, new continuous cough, sore throat, runny nose and/or loss of taste/smell should not under any circumstances attend the tour experience. The same applies to any other potentially transmissible illness.


Upon arrival guests will be asked to sit on the chairs provided either inside or outside the distillery, depending on weather conditions. 


The toilet may be used and hand wash and disposable paper towels will be provided.

Welcome drinks

Each guest will be provided with a complimentary G&T upon arrival. Any drivers should identify themselves at this time, they will be provided with an alcohol drinks package to consume at home, if they prefer.

Introductory talk FOR TOURS

At the beginning of the tours a short introductory talk will be provided by the chief distiller covering the fundamentals of gin, how gin is made and some of the botanicals used to make Copperfield Gin. Questions are encouraged.

Cocktail masterclasses

Where a cocktail masterclass has been purchased as part of a private tour, three different cocktails will be demonstrated by distillery staff. Guests will be encouraged to make their own cocktail of choice from the three demonstrated, either individually or in pairs.

Distillery area tour

A maximum of 12 people will be allowed into the distillery production area at any one time. Entry will be via the large roller doors which will be kept open throughout. Guests must remain within the areas pointed out by distillery staff. Guests may wear face masks if they wish but it is not a current requirement to do so.

Guests are kindly asked not to touch anything including equipment, bottles, any surfaces etc whilst in the distillery area.

Tutored tasting

After the walking tour a tutored tasting will take place for guests attending a distillery tour. For those attending a Gin School experience several samples of gins with various characteristics will be provided. Each guest will be given a set of small sample cups, each of which will contain a different neat spirit to taste. Mixers can be provided as required. After each guest has finished they will be asked to place their own cups into the bins provided.


Any issues or concerns relating to this guide should be raised with distillery staff either in advance of the tour/Gin School or at any point during the experience.

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