The Surrey Copper Distillery has teamed up with AFC Energy, a leading provider of hydrogen power generation technologies, to produce a low-emission craft gin for Christmas.

The special edition of Copperfield London Dry to be called ‘Copperfield HGin’ is being produced in a limited initial batch of 500 bottles for release in mid-December.

The gin will be distilled using power provided by an AFC Energy H-Power Tower which can produce electricity from hydrogen; by combining hydrogen with oxygen from the air the fuel cell produces energy and pure water with no direct greenhouse gas emissions. This will result in significantly lower COemissions across the distilling process.

For more information about how the fuel cell generates power go here:

Pre-orders are now being taken and the first bottles are expected to be shipped from 14 December with guaranteed delivery ahead of Christmas if ordered by 20 December.

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Copperfield H2 Gin is handcrafted in a copper pot still using a blend of botanicals inspired by historical recipes discovered in library archives.  The botanicals include Juniper Berries, Orris Root, Angelica, Liquorice, Coriander, Lemon Peel, Cardamom, Cubeb Berries and Elderflower.

Serve with your favourite Indian tonic water, plenty of ice and garnish with fresh lemon zest.