Copperfield London Dry Gins

Our favourite London Dry Gins

At the time of writing this blog (February 2022) we have three very different London Dry Gins, all of which have won prestigious international awards, under the brand name Copperfield, named from the Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield, which is considered by many to be largely based on the author’s own life.

Do you know what you should be able to smell and taste in each of our gins and how best to serve them?

Here’s some useful information about our very own Copperfield London Dry Gins.

Copperfield London Dry Volume 1

Copperfield London Dry Volume 1 is a classic juniper-forward gin which is fantastic in a G&T and was developed to work particularly well in a dry martini with a ratio of 6 parts gin to 1 part dry vermouth. Try it, you won’t regret it. 

Volume 1 has a very distinctive juniper aroma with citrus and a hint of woody spice which follows through on the palate. Try tasting it neat, it’s genuinely very smooth with no harsh burn despite being 45% ABV.

Copperfield London Dry Volume 2

Copperfield London Dry Volume 2 is our floral gin and those floral notes are balanced beautifully by an aromatic spice from pink peppercorns. 

Volume 2 is perfect in a G&T with either a floral or slightly spiced tonic, plenty of ice and a few seasonal berries. 

There really is no better drink whilst sitting in the garden on a warm Spring or Summer evening.

Copperfield London Dry Volume 3

Copperfield London Dry Volume 3 was originally developed for The Craft Gun Club and was their gin of the month for December 2019. The response was so positive we decided to launch it as Volume 3 in March 2020. 

It has a wonderful orange/marmalade base with warming spices sitting above including cinnamon, star anise and cloves. 

Volume 3 is superb with a fruity or plain tonic with a big orange wheel to garnish and don’t forget to eat the gin soaked orange at the end!

All three of our gins are available in 70 cl bottles and we have gift packs containing all three 5 cl miniatures. 

Mike Greishaber